Repair and Customization Services

                                                       Here is a list of most of the services we provide

Premium Tips : $20 - $40    (Depending on tip)

Standard Tips : $15    (Elkmaster, LePro, Triangle)

Ferrule Replacement : $20- $65    (Depending on material)

Shafts : $125 - $225    (Depending on shaft and ferrule)

Handle Wrap : $45 - $200    (Depending on type of wrap- Irish Linen, Leather or Stacked Leather)

Shaft Clean : $15

Shaft Refinish : $35

Cue Refinish : $160 and up    (Depending on condition of cue and type of wrap)

Adding Inlays : $35 per inlay, depending on what type of material is used. (Requires a complete refinish)

MT Cues is one of the only Authorized Kamui installers in the area.

           We carry many other brands as well!

  We can customize your production cue as well !

                Change the wrap, ferrule. and tip. We will help make your cue look and feel like it was made just for you!

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